City of Troy Repeals Construction Code Amendments after BFAAM Complaint

The City of Troy has reversed its decision to make amendments the 2012 International Fire Code in conflict with the Michigan Building Code (MBC) after BFAAM filed a complaint in October of last year. In response to the complaint, the City of Troy repealed all but one of the amendments that precipitated the complaint.

Because of the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) review, the following amendments have been repealed by the City of Troy;

  • Amendment 903.4.2 requiring audible-visual devices connected to every automatic sprinkler system, provided on the interior and exterior of the building (a more stringent requirement than the 2012 MBC required).
  • Amendment 904.3.5 adding a requirement for remote monitoring for systems installed in buildings that do not have a building fire alarm system (something that is not required by the 2012 MBC).
  • Amendment 907. requiring that visible appliances to remain active when the alarm is silenced (the MBC requires the visible appliances to be deactivated when the alarm is silenced while the NFPA 72-2010 states that, “When an alarm signal deactivation means is actuated, both audible and visible notification appliances shall be simultaneously deactivated). 
  • Amendment 907.6.2.1 1 requiring fire alarm systems to provide power for anticipated future expansion to the system, and references a guide of “10 amps per 10,000 square feet,” (adds unnecessary ambiguity and arbitrary requirements that are not found anywhere in the 2012 MBC).

BFAAM is pleased with the decision by the City of Troy to reverse course on these amendments and acknowledges the work done on behalf of the BCC to resolve this issue. BFAAM will continue striving to protect its membership from regulations and municipalities that overreach their duties and creates burdensome and harmful policies that contradict the Michigan Building Code.