Message from the President

There’s a common saying in sports that “you’re only as good as your last game.” If the last few months are considered BFAAM’s last “game”, then we’re headed to the Super Bowl…..and it’s something that all of the membership should be proud of.

In December of 2016 Governor Snyder signed into law our biggest legislative priority. This legislation codified into law that shop drawings for a fire alarm systems are not required to be stamped by a design professional. Our membership had been in disputes with some local governments for years on this issue arguing how there was no legal basis for this requirement.

The acknowledgment and respect for our industry from the legislature and governor was very clear throughout the process. Our legislation was introduced in the middle of June and signed into law at the end of December which is warp speed for an issue at the Capitol. It garnered a total of 141 “yes” votes to just 2 “no” votes from the legislature and BFAAM board members were invited to attend a bill signing ceremony at the capitol with Governor Snyder.

Last year was also a record year for attendance at the BFAAM Code Update courses held throughout the state.  We had 365 technicians and inspectors attend the five courses designed to facilitate the Michigan Electrical Administrative Act requirements for 15 hours of code update classes for Fire Alarm Specialty Technicians. In addition, the courses satisfied the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) recertification requirements for continuing professional development credits.

And in March of 2017 BFAAM received word back from the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) that the City of Troy was repealing several amendments they made to the 2012 International Fire Code that directly conflicted with the Michigan Building Code.  This was set in motion after BFAAM filed a complaint with BCC over these burdensome amendments that were creating headaches for our membership.

To all of our membership I say thank you for your participation in the association and I hope that you continue your membership with our organization.  The purpose of the association is to provide strength in numbers when we see issues arise within our industry and we cannot accomplish our goals without you.

I also ask that you continue to be involved with the association.  Our conferences provide valuable knowledge for your business. Get to know your legislator.  Our relationships have never been stronger with the legislature and we need to continue that for the sake of our industry.  Finally, I ask you to support the BFAAM PAC.  The PAC provides us a voice in Lansing and no donation is too small.

As we turn our focus to the new and never-ending issues surrounding our industry I again say thank you and please continue to be active.  We’re only as good as our last game.