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The alarm industry is a growing, dynamic business that fills an important need. Alarm technology changes fast. New competitive challenges seem to come along every day. You need an inside track to keep ahead. BFAAM is that inside track.

Through BFAAM, members stay informed about industry trends, technological developments and improved managerial procedures. Member benefits include advocacy, education, conferences, voting, newsletters, job bank, consultation, networking, membership certificate, code of ethics, false alarm model ordinance and group purchasing discounts, outlined below.

Group Purchasing Discounts

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Accounting & Tax Services

We are focused on getting the lowest possible tax liability for you, and we assure the result is in alignment with your individualized goals. As an BFAAM member, you receive our 2 times guarantee on tax planning; meaning whatever fee is paid, you receive double the fee in returned tax savings. Also, if you hire us for ongoing administration services, such as tax preparation and bookkeeping, you will receive a 10% discount on those services for life. Contact Valley Oak at 800.237.5166 or click here for more information.

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Debt Collection

TekCollect programs include custom verbal and written contracts, electronic database skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, plus optional advanced recovery efforts for hard-to-collect accounts. Our service is securely web-based, with access to every collection effort plus real-time reports. And every effort is designed to preserve the integrity of your customer relationships. Our fees are typically less than 10%. Best of all, results are guaranteed! Contact Lance Rhutasel or call 314.308.6853 ext. 1411.


Financial Planning

Gasaway Investment Advisors, Inc. is an investment advisory firm with a unique expertise in working with small and medium sized companies on qualified retirement plans for their employees. Our team of experienced professionals will work with your company’s leaders to develop a plan that is tailored to meet your company’s goals and then periodically review the plan to meet the needs of your company. This benefit provides discounted third party administration fees. Contact us at 800.237.5166 or click here for more information.

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Health Insurance

Our agency has put together a team of Insurance, Human Resources and Technology professionals to provide our clients with the necessary resources to survive in today’s world of Employee Benefits. Our background, education, knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to suggest solutions that are proven to work. Contact Vantage Pointe today at 800.237.5166 or click here for more information.

Insurance & Financial Planning

BFAAM has teamed with Beyond Financial Planning to offer you complete insurance and financial planning services. Formerly known as Beckwith Financial Group; The team at Beyond Financial Planning works with clients daily to help families Create, Protect, and Keep Multigenerational Wealth. Simply visit us online at and find out how we go “Beyond” to help you enjoy exclusive benefits offered only to BFAAM members. Contact Beyond Financial Planning at 800.237.5166 for more information.

Insurance Program

BFAAM has partnered with Ron Jackson Insurance to provide you a customized solution for your insurance needs. Whether it is your business or your family, you have worked hard for what you have. Choosing us as your insurance advisor, you will find great protection that comes at the best value for you, the member. How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your insurance program? Call us at 800.237.5166 today to discuss your opportunities.

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