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Apprenticeship Program

The Burglar and Fire Alarm Association of Michigan offers an Apprenticeship Program authorized by the US Department of Labor.

The BFAAM Apprenticeship Program includes four periods that will take at least two years for every apprentice to progress through the program. All apprentices must demonstrate progress being made toward the on-the-job experience and the educational objectives. In order to demonstrate educational progress through each period, each apprentice must pass an online test for each period.

Note: this does NOT mean you must pass each exam. Taking the exam at least once demonstrates progress for most apprentices.

To help you make sure you are meeting the educational progress, below is what you must demonstrate by the end of this year.

Any apprentice that does not meet their requirement outlined in the graphic below, will be placed on "suspension" status within the Apprenticeship Program. This will jeopardize your ability to legally perform your job duties, and the BFAAM Apprenticeship Program and Trust will not be able to authorize your apprenticeship registration with the State of Michigan.


Do yourself a favor - stay up on your exam requirements!

Apprentice Flow Chart 2024_edited.jpg
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